Social Responsibility

It is important to Clare Rose Inc. that people are responsible when enjoying all of our fine beverages.

Clare Rose employees exemplify the social responsibility of the company by taking the pledge to drink responsibly. This pledge includes respecting the legal drinking age, enjoying alcoholic drinks responsibly, and being or using a designated driver.

Today, Anheuser-Busch and our family of wholesalers continue our leadership in working with retailers, parents, law enforcement and others to promote alcohol responsibility. Together with you, we are making a difference. Underage drinking and drunk-driving fatalities have reached record low levels.

We’ve made significant progress, but there’s more we can do. Take the pledge and join the Nation of Responsible Drinkers.

Drink Responsibly

We often associate alcohol with good times, celebrations, and socializing. While consuming alcohol, it’s important to drink responsibly by thinking responsibly.

Tips Training

The TIPS training program was created to help servers in both On-premise and Off-premise accounts learn how to properly serve alcoholic beverages, check I.D’s, and prevent alcohol abuse and drunk driving. TIPS training not only helps the bartenders, wait staff, store clerks, and servers at each account, it also helps to reduce the accounts liquor liability expenses and insurance costs. At Clare Rose Inc. we have had several members of our team become TIPS trainers so that we can help our accounts get trained in this valuable program.

To Learn more regarding training, please visit the TIPS website

Family Talk

Anheuser Busch Family Talk is designed to help parents connect and share information with their children about underage drinking. With a new school year underway, our kids might find themselves in tough social situations. They look up to us as parents and role models and it is up to us to set a good example. This program is not just a one-time thing but rather a community who is there to help parents through all stages of their children’s growth. Below are 2 links that connect you to Family Talk Guide and Facebook page to help your kids learn about the dangers of underage drinking and give them ways to overcome peer pressure. Visit Family Talk Facebook Page

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